Die Gesprächsrunde von Eltern für Eltern

Website Elterntalk

ELTERNTALK bietet moderierte Gesprächsrunden für Eltern zu den Themen Medien, Konsum, Suchtvorbeugung und gesundes Aufwachsen in der Familie. ELTERNTALK richtet sich an alle Eltern mit Kindern bis 14 Jahren.
Eltern bekommen bei ELTERNTALK Unterstützung für die Bewältigung ihres Erziehungsalltags. Dabei sind die Eltern die Hauptakteure. Sie treffen sich in privaten Gesprächsrunden mit ca. 4-8 Eltern, diese werden von einer oder einem geschulten Moderator:in, selbst Mutter oder Vater, begleitet. Im Vorfeld wird ein gemeinsames Thema vereinbart und dazu aktuelles Informationsmaterial ausgewählt. Alle aktuellen Termine findest du unter "Termine/Events".


Wie so ein Talk aussieht, kann man in diesem kurzen Video sehen. 

ELTERNTALK offers moderated discussion sessions for parents on the topics of the media, consumption, preventing addiction and raising a healthy family. ELTERNTALK is aimed at all parents with children up to 14 years of age. It supports parents in coping with the everyday issues involved in bringing up children. Parents are the key players at ELTERNTALK. They meet in private discussion groups of around 4 to 8 people and try to find answers together to questions relating to parenting and protecting children. The discussion sessions are led by a trained facilitator, who are themselves a mother or father. A shared topic is agreed in advance and relevant up-to-date information material is chosen. Picture cards help to get the conversation started and raise questions like:
• “How much TV is good for my child?”
• “Should my child be allowed a computer in their bedroom?”
• “Why are we always arguing about the Internet and computer games?”
• “How much pocket money is appropriate?”
• “How do I protect my child from alcohol and drugs?”
• “How do we encourage our children and prepare them for life?”
Thinking about these and similar questions together – sharing experiences and tips on raising children – is often a great help for everyday parenting. Sharing experience in an open way encourages participants to talk about current parenting issues in their family and to find everyday solutions.
When it comes to their experience of raising children, parents are the experts. The two-hour discussion sessions provide time and space for them to share what’s on their mind, learn from other parents or simply listen.
Taking part in the discussions is always free. Parents not only meet at home, but also use public places such as nurseries, schools, cafés and similar locations for their private discussion sessions.
The topics covered are diverse and based on the families’ current situations.
ELTERNTALK is aimed at people from all cultural backgrounds. After all, every parent faces similar issues and challenges. In many of the discussions, participants are also able to use their mother tongue. Many mothers and fathers with a migrant background find it easier to talk about these very personal topics in their own language.